Sourcing 101: The Basic’s of Sourcing and How Selai Can Help You

Research and Supplier Identification:

Finding the right partner is crucial for any fashion house when they are starting their business, This is where most first-time buyers face the most problems. Most fashion brands trying to find manufacturers themselves go through an expensive learning curve. Wasting time and money on unreliable manufacturers who promise big but do not deliver. Selai makes it easy for you by selecting top manufacturers around the world, conducting background checks and ensuring ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturers are enlisted on the portal.

Contact Suppliers:

Reach out to the selected suppliers with inquiries about their product offerings, pricing, production capacity, lead times, and any other relevant details. Selai does the work for you while enlisting reliable suppliers so that you do not waste time on finding the right supplier for you.

Product Specifications:

Clearly define your product specifications, including fabric type, color, size range, design, printing or embroidery requirements, labeling, packaging, and any other customization details. These informations are generally presented in what is called a Tech Pack. You can upload your Tech Pack on Selai’s website or ask help from Selai to make one for you.

Request for Samples:

Request samples from the shortlisted suppliers to assess the quality of their products. Evaluate factors such as fabric quality, stitching, printing/embroidery, and overall workmanship.

Sample Approval:

Once you receive the samples, review and approve them based on your quality standards and requirements. If needed, communicate any necessary changes or improvements to the supplier.

Price Negotiation and Contracts:

Negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with the chosen supplier. It’s important to have a written agreement or contract that outlines the terms of the partnership, including payment terms, lead times, quality standards, and other relevant details. Selai provides you with quotations from a wide array of manufacturers so that you can choose the one that best fits your budget and requirements.

Production Planning:

Work with the supplier to plan the production schedule, including order quantities, production timeline, and shipping details. Selai’s in-house team in the manufacturing country helps you with doing that.

Quality Assurance:

Consider implementing a quality assurance process to ensure that the final products meet your specifications. This may involve on-site inspections, third-party quality control services, or other measures to maintain consistent quality. Selai has their in-house Quality Control team who does on-site inspection for you.

Production Monitoring:

Stay in regular communication with the supplier during the production process. Request updates on progress, address any potential issues, and ensure that the production is on track. Selai has their in-house merchandising team who does on-site production monitoring for you.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Before the products are shipped, conduct a pre-shipment inspection to verify that the produced T-shirts meet your quality standards and specifications. This can help catch any issues before the goods are shipped. You can choose 3rd party inspection team or Selai’s in-house inspection team to do a final Quality Check for you.

Shipping and Logistics:

Arrange the shipping and logistics for the products to be transported from the supplier’s location abroad to your desired destination. Consider factors like shipping method, delivery time, and any required customs documentation. Selai would work with you and the manufacturer to arrange the shipping and logistics for your product.

Customs and Import Procedures:

Familiarize yourself with the customs and import regulations of your country to ensure a smooth customs clearance process. Work with a freight forwarder if needed to handle logistics and customs procedures. Selai can help you with finding the right resource for that.

Receiving and Inspection:

Upon receiving the shipment, conduct a final inspection to ensure that the T-shirts are in the expected condition and meet your quality standards. Ship it to your warehouse, you can book with Selai to find the best rates.

Feedback and Improvement:

Provide feedback to the supplier based on the received products. This helps improve future orders and maintain a strong working relationship. Selai has a smart rating system through which you can rate your experience with the supplier and leave a comment. 


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