The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in the Ready-made Garments Industry

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in the ready-made garments industry varies widely depending on various factors. MOQ is the smallest number of units a supplier is willing to produce in a single production run. Here are some determining factors:

1. Type of Garment: Basic t-shirts will likely have a higher MOQ than complex garments like formal dresses or jackets due to the simplicity of production and commonality of materials.

2. Supplier Size and Capability: Large-scale manufacturers might have higher MOQs than smaller manufacturers or workshops. Conversely, larger manufacturers may also have the capacity and willingness to take on very large orders that small manufacturers can’t handle.

3. Customization: Highly customized orders might have lower MOQs since they require specific setup but will typically come at a higher unit price. In contrast, generic products, where a factory can produce large runs and even potentially sell to multiple clients, might have higher MOQs.

4. Material Availability: If the material is readily available or commonly used by the manufacturer, the MOQ might be lower. Specialized or imported materials might necessitate a higher MOQ.

5. Brand Reputation and Relationship: Established brands or businesses with a good working relationship with the manufacturer might negotiate lower MOQs.

6. Region or Country of Production: MOQs can differ based on regional industry norms, labor costs, and material availability. For instance, MOQs in fast-fashion hubs might differ from those in regions specializing in luxury or artisanal goods.

7. Production Run: If the order is part of a regular production run (e.g., a white t-shirt that the factory produces regularly), the MOQ might be lower than for a one-off, specialized run.

To provide actual numbers:

– For basic items like t-shirts produced in large factories, especially in major manufacturing hubs like Bangladesh or China, MOQs can range from 1,000 to 10,000 pieces per design/color.

– For more specialized garments or when dealing with smaller manufacturers, MOQs might be as low as 50 to 500 pieces per design/color.

– Some ultra-specialized or luxury manufacturers might even work with extremely low MOQs (even down to single digits) but at a much higher cost per unit.

It’s essential for businesses to clarify MOQs with manufacturers upfront and understand the cost implications of ordering above or below the MOQ.


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